• Fitness Classes.
    Fitness Classes.
    We offer a variety of fitness classes to help you burn extra calories and change up your typical treadmill routine. Consisting of aerobics, total body training, cardio sessions and many more.  There is always something for you to achieve your fitness goals. We are constantly adding more services to serve you better. So, in order to get an updated understanding […]
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  • Warming Up
    Warming Up
      Try starting with a mix of upper body and lower body exercises with short bouts of cardio, such as jumping jacks or high knee marches, to keep the heart rate elevated. The complexity of the exercises in the circuit depends on the fitness level of the gym user. If they are new to exercise, basic […]
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Fitness Classes.Warming Up

Welcome To Ronnies Gym

Serving St. Vincent for over 12 years and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis.  This state of the art Gym is furnished with the most updated fitness machines.  The machines are carefully selected and regularly maintained in order to ensure proper functionality and safety.  Designed with an open area for aerobics, cardio, yogo and fitness classes, you should have no problem shredding those pounds and getting in the best shape of your life.

Complimenting the open space is the more popular area.  This is the workout machines area.  Here you will find universal machines as well as free weights to help you  develop your muscles and burn fat .  These machine are effective in allowing the gym member to hit all 5 main body parts respectively.  Which is the Chest, back, shoulders, legs, arms and abdominals.  They are diagrams on the machines.  But, you can also get help from the gym kind and knowledgeable staff to assists you in performing a particular function.